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Formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Bharat Desai, Varenyam Healthcare Private Limited was incorporated on 9th July 2016. Established as a division of Bharat Parenterals Ltd. - a WHO GMP & an ISO 10002: 2014, 9001: 2015 certified Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company with a legacy of more than 25 years, Varenyam Healthcare is in the business of ethical sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products in the Indian subcontinent.

A new-age dynamic company, led by a combination of young and experienced leadership, Varenyam is committed to creating a future where quality and affordable medicines are accessible to everyone. Varenyam aims to create healthier lives and a healthier future for everyone.

Varenyam Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. started its sales and distribution operations from the states of Gujarat, Maharastha, Madhya-Pradesh & Rajasthan, as a specialty focused pharmaceutical company with its core competency lying in Critical Care. Over time, it has established itself as a leading pharmaceutical company that has shown rapid growth and has soared amongst the top with a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products.


Harnessing Science for Life

Bharat Parenterals Ltd. is a Gujarat based pharmaceutical company, established in 1992 by Mr. Ramesh Desai, who started the company with a vision of making world-class affordable medicines and to take it to the forefront of contract manufacturing units in Gujarat.

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What we believe in

The name Varenyam literally translates to “No Variations” which is a mark of our strive for the greatest and best quality. Our Core Values are simple and center around making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to one and all.

We strongly believe in Innovation and strive for Excellence which has led us to coin the word “INNOVEXA”- an amalgamation of Innovation and excellence.

We believe in constant INNOVATION and rise to:
- Embrace different ways of thinking, seeking diversity of views and search for newer and innovative technologies
-Identify potential new products based with strong customer collaboration a focus on making the products widely available

Our belief in EXCELLENCE and Quality has led us to pledge to


  • Mr. Bharat Desai

  • Mr Bhahim Desai

  • Mrs. Hima Desai

  • Mrs. Nikita Desai

    Director- Marketing
  • Mr. Jairam Ruchandani

    Director- Sales & Marketing